About the Site

This dual-blog is my venue to convey my unorthodox/progressive views on international development and conflict management from what I learn while in school with regard to contemporary international affairs. The website fuses the fields/disciplines of conflict management, sustainable development with that of culture, gender, and religion.

This is also a ‘one-stop-shop’ website where students, researchers and practitioners do not have to go browsing the web for various websites including the IMF or UNHCR. Developmental and conflict related sites are easily found and linked for the reader’s convenience. I personally find it a pain to Google for everything; why not have whatever you want found within a few mouse clicks and no typing??

I may post on  personal subjects such as bouldering, cycling, hiking/camping, and current affairs (especially in Africa). Oh, and I tend to coin or make up my own words.

A special thanks to Ashley Beach of Seagrape Studios for assisting in the production of this website.