Fundraising: Discovering Donors & Planning is Half the Battle

ATTN: Non-Profits and NGOs

Do you know what your top 5-10 donors are?

Do you know your organization's competitors (re donor funds)? And who their donors are?

Do you have a spreadsheet of when certain grants are open and closed?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions but you want those answers to be "yes", feel free to reach out. I can help.

As a freelance prospect researcher, I do the 'dirty' work of researching, finding and connecting with donors for non-profit clients. Please read through my PPT that details the logic model for this type of work (link).

If you are interested in the à la carte services I can offer, please click here. If you have specific needs that not found on this list or want to chat further, please reach out.




Please contact me for more information.