Senegal’s Pre-Election Positives?   Leave a comment

Post was edited on 2/7.

With the recent constitutional ruling that Wade can run for a third term, there has been turmoil, riots, injuries, and even deaths in Senegal. As West Africa’s most stable and democratic nation, it seems odd that we are hearing all of this negative attention from Senegal now. With the pending election on Feb. 26th, what are the positives?

I’ll answer with another question: Who is talking about the chaos in Senegal?

With these bring names and major organizations talking about Senegal, it brings more attention to the country. Ergo, and in theory, more assistance and funding. What does this matter? Then West Africa’s longest ongoing conflict – in Casamance, Senegal – may get the attention it deserves.

On that note, no real word on if the people of Casamance have responded to the happenings in Dakar, I assume they wouldn’t care, as they still feel isolated from the major happenings of the country.


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Posted February 6, 2012 by Travis Warrington in Development

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