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Do No Harm, Peacebuilding, and Culture   2 comments

Below is a pending piece of the literature review for my Master’s Paper. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. DNH has identified five categories of ‘peace capacities’ or connectors Anderson (1999, p. 24). They use the term ‘peace capacities’ in the text but I feel this term could also be the same as ‘conflict management […]

My Research in Casamance   4 comments

As most of you know I served in Peace Corps/The Gambia between 2008-2010. The Gambia is surrounded by Senegal (I call Senegal the ‘pac man’) with ocean at the west. I lived just south of The Gambian River far upcountry in the country’s bush-area, and was never too far from The Senegalese border at any […]

The ‘Angry’ Development Worker/ Conflict Management Professional   1 comment

I am taking time out from eating my lunch (peanut sauce with bits of chicken over rice) and from studying (how to negate commands in Pula Fuuta) to type this post. I hope it makes sense to those who know me, and for those who can relate to the context. E misaal (for example in […]

Posted June 19, 2012 by Travis Warrington in Development

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Senegal’s Pre-Election Positives?   Leave a comment

Post was edited on 2/7. With the recent constitutional ruling that Wade can run for a third term, there has been turmoil, riots, injuries, and even deaths in Senegal. As West Africa’s most stable and democratic nation, it seems odd that we are hearing all of this negative attention from Senegal now. With the pending […]

Posted February 6, 2012 by Travis Warrington in Development

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ONE….What Does It Do?   2 comments

I will start this off by confirming that, yes, I am quite judgmental about any and all efforts of my fields – conflict management and development, including aid. I was chatting with a friend the other week about ONE; I’ll further admit that I know very little about ONE, but I know I should not […]

Quote of the Day, re: IMF   Leave a comment

After pulling out all of my hair from final’s week and a week’s worth of rest, I am happy to say I am back to the blogging world. With the new trend and news circa the IMF, I will add to it with a quote from a recent post by Flavia Dzodan of The Guardian, […]

Posted May 26, 2011 by Travis Warrington in Development

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Combating Malaria May Not Need Funding   2 comments

Today is Malaria Day, or something like that. One more ‘holiday’ or reminder that thousands die annually by no fault of their own by petty reasons. It is depressing. It is days like today that big agencies and countries devote millions of dollars  ‘fight the cause’ (Canada just gave $1.1 billion to protect women and […]

Posted April 25, 2011 by Travis Warrington in Development

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The Look   Leave a comment

After watching the video* from the recently decease Tim Hetherington, many emotions arose. The film captures, as Tom suggests and I quite agree with him, there is an interesting/odd mix of Western field practitioners living and working in developing areas and/or conflict environments. It is odd because we choose to be in that type of […]

A New Take on Secondhand Clothing Sent Abroad   2 comments

Guest post by Ross Lohr Those of you who have traveled in the developing world or are from the developing world know that there is an incredible supply of amazing American secondhand clothing that gets shipped to massive secondhand markets in those countries (think of the controversy with World Vision and their acquire NFL t-shirts). […]

Posted April 12, 2011 by Travis Warrington in Development

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Aid within Contextual Lens – Japan   1 comment

I blogged about Japan a few weeks ago as a backlash to the knee-jerk reaction the international community was undertaking; my school/university is no different. In the piece, I was critical of what my colleagues are doing to assist the Japanese who are in dire need, selling bracelets and the monies going to victims of […]

Posted April 5, 2011 by Travis Warrington in Development

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