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Oxfam guru Duncan Green from From Poverty to Power recently posted regarding UN Women, stating,

After years of planning, fundraising and consultations, U.N. Women was officially launched by its Executive Director, former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet. Formally known as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, U.N. Women combines four pre-existing U.N. agencies into one. So what should it do? Oxfam released a report called the ‘Blueprint for U.N. Women’, based on a comprehensive survey of grassroots women’s groups, leaders and activists from over 25 countries. An overwhelming majority of women believe that ending violence against women must be the first and most urgent priority of U.N. Women. Anyone listening? [h/t Bert Maerten]

I must point out the “Anyone listening?” ending to his take on the United Nations’ newest agency. Answer: no. Why? The U.N. has ample agencies, most of which all already (currently) combat gender inequalities; will one more agency improve the odds?

So, UNW’s first step is to talk to women about violence against women? How affective will this be? It wont. Cause and effect. Go straight to the root cause of the problem towards a foreseen possible solution. My vote: the U.N. is running out of ideas, has too much funding (in our eyes), and is taking the ‘throw money and hope for the best’ approach. Hmm, sounds like today’s  aid methodologies.

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Posted February 28, 2011 by Travis Warrington in Development

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2 responses to UN Women Launches

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  1. I am a little more hopeful about the effectiveness of UNW, but I do understand your concerns. Hopefully some meaningful programs can come from this. So, I am going to try to stay glass half full for as long as I can on this one, but that might not be for long.

    • @ Tom-
      I appreciate your positive stance on UNW. I have just not seen any thing new from the program’s focus (women). We will see.
      cheers, t

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